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Do you need an engineer, an architect or a surveyor?

What is the difference, and which do you need?

The three main species of construction professional may seem interchangeable to the layman.

All three may be found looking at a particular aspect of a project, but in fact they will all have arrived there from three diametrically opposed directions: 

  • architects approach their work from the point of view of the aesthetic appearance of the project; 

  • surveyors start from the premise of the value and use of land, and 

  • engineers begin by thinking about the strength and stability of the structural elements.

Residential design works as a partnership between the architect and the interior designer. The architect begins the process, ensuring that the home is safe and structurally sound. The architect designs a home to meet local building codes, including regulations for plumbing and electrical safety. The building’s size and envelope is relatively small when compared to commercial properties.

Once the basic structure has been designed and is in place, the interior designer takes over. By choosing the right textures, colors and layout, the interior designer makes the home livable, creating a comfortable environment in which to relax and carry out daily tasks. Often, the architect and interior designer will collaborate to ensure that the design is everything the homeowner wants.

Architects and interior designers working on residential properties must also build positive working relationships with contractors and construction professionals — these are the individuals that will turn ideas into reality.

Finding the right real estate agent to list a home can be a lot like finding a life partner - pick the right one and the experience can be positive. Choose the wrong agent and the experience can lead to months of frustration and an unsold house.​

The role of a mortgage broker is to make it easier for you to buy your property, by guiding you through the range of mortgages on offer and finding the best deal for you and your circumstances. Whether you are a first-time buyer, are re-mortgaging or are buying to let, a mortgage broker may make the entire process a lot easier.

Every business, big or small, needs to hire an accountant to protect the financial integrity of the organisation. Many business owners think that with the assistance of handy software such as QuickBooks, they can personally handle the accounting, and truth be told, that is the biggest mistake a business owner can make.

Insurance brokers are the best source of general insurance products and services. The members of the Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. ensure high standards of service to the public through education, advocacy, professional conduct and community involvement.

ANSRS is a group of professionals that work together not only referring each other but also using each others expertise to work through challenges they may be facing.

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