Engineering & Technical

Dan Machon
Land Surveyor

Hobbs, Winter & MacDonald has been in business for 60 years providing surveying for residential, commercial and governments throughout the North Shore. It is a private partnership of professional British Columbia and Canada Lands Surveyors, which provides advice and technical services in all aspects of surveying. Currently it has four survey teams in operation, supported by a staff of 15 people.

Dan Machon articled to C.H. Hobbs, B.C.L.S., and was commissioned in 1995. He was invited join the firm as a partner in 1996.

604-986-1371 Ext. 224

Rob Smith

Structural and Aquatics Engineering

For the past 30 years, Rob has been working throughout BC and Western Canada specializing in Structural engineering, seismic refitting, and designing and implementing industrial, residential and commercial pools.


His work has been featured in Dwell Magazine.

Smith & Co Structural and Aquatics Engineering


Karen Savage
P.Eng – Engineer

Karen is passionate about community and diversity and believes that Diversity Enhances Excellence.  She founded Horizon Engineering Inc in 1997.  Horizon is now a 20-person, close-knit team of really good people with meaningful training, proudly solving geotechnincal-related problems and delivering quality geotechnical consulting services to about new 250 projects per year.  These projects range from large scale commercial developments, to community infrastructure in native population centres, to slope retention strategies in the backyards of some of our North Shore neighbours.


Within Horizon Engineering, we can do business in 8 languages.  Valuing our diverse staff, and providing meaningful training has contributed to both low turnover and excellence.   All engineers are active on construction sites and in design for projects with diversity of size and scope; this ‘cross-training’ results in each individual having a ‘deep bag of tricks’ and development of solutions which are pragmatic.

Karen Savage, Horizon Engineering


Charles Lindsay
Information Technology Professional
For years, Charles has provided contract technical support to small and medium sized businesses on Vancouver’s North Shore. Among his clients are mining companies, schools, professionals like architects, surveyors, and civil engineers.
His customers trust him for straight advice on how best to spend their IT budgets.