Rent or buy?

"I've got the flexibility to either rent a house on the North Shore or buy. What should I be thinking about?"

Julie Isaac says:

Buying and renting have different risks: Renters may have to move out of their home if their landlord decides to do something different with the property. Renters often have neighbours close by, who bring traffic and noise to their home. But renters get to keep more of their pay cheque because the big price tag risks are borne by the landlord, and not by them.

Lara Regan says:

Buy if you plan to live in this community, and if you can afford the payments. On the other hand, rent if you think your needs will change in the next 18 months, or if you can’t yet afford the home you want to live in. Plan on buying if you want to be a homeowner.

There are lots of subtleties to this question, and you should consult an expert to help you understand what you can afford and if now’s a good time for you to buy. Reach out to one of us here at ANSRS, and we can help you decide!

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